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Special Delivery – Chapter 1 – The Doctor
Small pockets of arguing ponies could be heard in the short distance by Noah. He began trotting a little faster to where the noise was coming from, quite anxious to see who it was.
The morning weather was bright and peaceful as usual. The sun beamed down onto Noah and warmed his coat. The birds sang loudly and started to hunt for insects on the ground, a group flying past him. Noah flinched a little, but continued piercing his eyes on the two ponies he could see in the small distance. Suddenly he realized it was the white coated, green eyed Earth Pony that was Java Claw. The other pony who had been arguing with him was a dark yellow Pegasus Pony with a brown mane and tail, but he had already started to leave by the time Noah reached them both to see what the fuss was about.
"Noah! Hey pal! What are you doing here?" Java Claw asked. His face lit up when he saw Noah, turning his glare at the other pony that slowly trotted away to a warm smile. Noah lifted his right hoof from the ground and stared at Java quite shocked, the sun reflecting off of his bright blonde mane.
"Java? W-who was that? Are you okay?" Noah asked, tilting his head a little, he slowly lowered his hoof back to the ground, glaring at Java suspiciously.
"Oh, him? Just some pony who thinks he knows better. But its fine don't worry. Say, have you been to the Sanctuary yet?" Java asked whilst trotting down the path of the direction Noah came from. Noah turned around also and followed him.
"N-no not yet. I was heading there just now. Are you sure everything is okay? That didn't look like no discussion about the beautiful weather..." Noah replied, giving a sly look towards Java as he trotted ahead.
"Don't be silly Noah. It was nothing, besides; I could ask you what you and that mare outside Sugercube Corner were talking about. What was this one's name then you little charmer?" Java asked, smirking back towards Noah as he trotted just ahead of Noah and down the path towards the Sanctuary.
"I have no idea what you are talking about." Noah replied, smiling and lifting his head proudly, before trotting ahead of him whilst flicking his tail about and into Java's body.
"Pshh, you are so typical." He said, rolling his eyes whilst following Noah.
They had arrived back at the Sanctuary, the orphanage for young ponies. At the age of eighteen, ponies are given the option to leave the Sanctuary and set out on life. When Noah turned nineteen he left and had moved into a small cottage on the edge of Ponyville. He returns regularly to work, delivering packages as a courier, and also to help out and give comfort to the other orphans the Sanctuary owners take in, just like they did with Noah when he was a young colt. Unfortunately the old owners of the Sanctuary, the Lonesome Followers, had been disbanded due to the bad attention they received when the war for Equestria started between the Legion and themselves. Some ponies even blamed the Lonesome for it in the first place, when in fact they ended it. The leader, Sir Jonas, left and settled in Manehatten, still keeping some contact with Noah back in Ponyville.
Noah and Java slowly trotted down the hallways of the old legendary cave, staying silent and respecting the place. After passing many shrines and candles they had reached the Great Hall, the place where Noah was blessed and became a member of the Lonesome Followers himself at such a young age, right after his parents had been killed.
A dark red Unicorn approached the two and bowed his head, he smiled gently at them both.
"Hello Noah, Java. You have more deliveries to make if you wish to work to take them." The bitterly old-voiced Unicorn said, stacking and clearing some books onto a shelf with his magic whilst looking at them both.
"Yes sir." Java replied, bowing down to the ground along with Noah for a few seconds.
"Well then, wait here young ones. Now, where did I put those...?" The Unicorn said, trotting away from the pair and analysing his shelves and tables across the Hall. Java stood there fiddling with his saddle back. Noah began to hear a ringing noise in his ear, followed by soft ghostly voices echoing the room silently. He turned his head, then his body, facing an old oak shrine on the other side of the hall.
"N-Noah?" Java asked, staring at him as he slowly began trotting down the hallway and past the dozens of pillars holding the roof up. As Noah moved closer to the package the voices of the Unicorn's mumbling and Java's questions faded away. He carried on trotting towards the shrine, before finally reaching it. Noah gave a puzzled look at the shrine, where inside it laid a cylinder package. He slowly lifted his hoof from off the ground.
"There it is! How did you know..? Never mind, here you are Noah." The Unicorn said, levitating the cylinder package in the air and placing it slowly but carefully into Noah's satchel, which he had strapped on over his dark grey hoodie. Noah turned his head to the Unicorn and smiled slightly, but still a little stunned. He began trotting out of the Hall and towards the entrance. Java stared at Noah as he left the room suspiciously, waiting to receive his package delivery.
Reaching the outside of the Sanctuary, Noah looked around the place, watching the other ponies and orphans leave and enter the place. Some were barely over the age of ten. He trotted to the other side of the path across from the entrance and sat on the grass, waiting for Java. Out of nowhere, the sound of the ponies around the area faded again. The entrance to the Sanctuary stretched out by fifty metres at least, and the other ponies faded into grey mists. Noah, unsure what was happening, daydreamed at the entrance. After a short time passed, he heard his name being called, but in a blurred and muted sort of way. The Sanctuary pulled back towards him and the other ponies around the places were recreated. Suddenly Noah stopped daydreaming. It was raining heavily, and thunder rumbled in the distance. The black clouds overhead filled the skies patches of light within a few minutes. A storm was coming.
"Hello? ..Hello?" Asked a black Pegasus pony, standing in front of him. He had a light grey mane and tail. He frowned upon Noah sitting there completely drenched.  Noah's hoodie weighed down on him due to it being soaked, his hood was filled with rainwater. Noah shook his head and jumped up off of the ground, taking a few steps back from the Pegasus.
"W-what time is...? W-Where's Java…?" Noah asked, before lifting his hoof off the ground and holding his head from the pain of a headache.
"Are you alright there?" The Pegasus asked, he looked around, and then back at Noah. Noah smiled slightly at him, setting his hoof back to the ground.
"I'm fine... I just, I…" Noah mumbled. The Pegasus analysed him, then opened his mouth about to speak, then closed it again, making small grumbling noises.
"Hmm… I know somepony who might be able to help you out. Just, follow me, okay? His place is barely a hundred metres from this place." The Pegasus said. Noah nodded, and began following him slowly.  A few hours had past whilst Noah sat there in his daydream. Java was already long gone, yet somehow missed Noah sitting there just outside the Sanctuary. The rain continued forcing itself down to the ground of Equestria. Flashes in the sky lit up the place for barely a second, followed by long rumbles of sound. The thunder was fierce and violent at the time. Noah continued following the stranger down the path towards Ponyville. They had reached it, and the Pegasus entered a large wooden three-story building. The curtains were all closed. Noah looked up just before he entered and noticed a large red cross above the doorway, with a little wishbone right beside it.
"Go on right through dear." Said the white-coated Nurse at the reception. Noah, not being himself, completely ignored the Nurse and walked into the room in which the Pegasus had entered.
"Now… Just… One more… tiny… little fix… Annnnd… Eureka!" Shouted a brown Earth Pony, fiddling with something on a metal table in the centre of the room.
"Doc… you busy?" The Pegasus spoke out, holding his hoof in front of Noah to stop him from entering. The doctor continued fiddling with whatever he was working with, sitting on a metal stool, and biting his tongue. He gazed through a monocle, helping him with his work.
"Hmm. I'm a little busy right now my dear friend. May I ask what the problem is?" The doctor spoke out, not even bothering to turn around to look at the two, standing in the doorway.
"Well… I found this Earth Pony; I think he works for the Sanctuary, and… What is your name?" The Pegasus asked, turning back towards Noah.
"Uh… I'm Noah." He replied, looking up at the taller pony with pleading eyes. He fiddled around with his hoodie, giving his body irritation from the rainwater. The doctor scrunched his hooves together and let out a long sigh following Noah's voice.
"Noah." The doctor said. He closed his eyes and lowered his head to the floor in stress.
"Noah." He said again.
"Hi Doc…" Noah said, giving an innocent look out at him. The doctor sighed again and slowly started to get back onto his four hooves.
"Wait… You know this pony!?" The Pegasus asked shockingly.
"Sadly yes. What is it now Noah?" The doctor asked, approaching Noah as he approached him, shoving past the black Pegasus.
"Doc I… I don't know. I had some sort of daydream… Then the next thing I knew, a few hours had past. I was receiving my next delivery… And… Java was with me… But, then he was gone…" Noah asked, trotting slowly up to the doctor. The doctor mumbled to himself and moved in his face almost against Noah's. He glared into his eyes to look for any sign of what could be wrong.
"Pupils look normal. I can't see any sign of depression. Or sickness for that matter. How long ago was this?" The doctor asked, trotting away from them both and to his desk.
"About, twenty minutes ago. He was just sitting there in the rain; I thought this was the best idea…" The black Pegasus stressed out, trotting a few steps forward.
"Thank you my dear friend. You… can go now…" The doctor spoke out, staring at him through his monocle. He gave him a slight smile, and then pointed his hoof towards the door. The Pegasus sighed and shook his head, then left the room.
"What's his problem?" Noah asked, frowning at the Pegasus as he left the room.
"Oh, that's just, Scribe being scribe and everything. Come over here Noah." The doctor replied, standing in place watching Noah. Noah turned towards the doctor and lowered his head down to the ground like a colt being told off by his mother.
"Come… Come on…!" The doctor added, beckoning with his hoof. Noah hesitated for a second, then started making his way towards the doc. He stopped right in front of him and sighed.
"I have a package to deliver, can this be quick? I …" Noah sighed. The doctor stared at Noah for a moment, biting on his lower lip and analysing him through his monocle. Noah glared back at him impatiently. He picked his hoof up again and started fiddling with his hoodie again irritatingly. He was back to himself again. Suddenly, the doctor opened his mouth, about to speak.
"Serene." He said.
"W-What? No! I'm fine really! Honestly, you know this is a waste of time. I really need to deliver this package." Noah said, trotting away from the doctor quickly.
"Oh?" The doc added. Noah hesitated and stopped on the spot hearing the doctor.
"Then I shall come with you!" He added, trotting over the place gathering things he would need.
"What? Why?" Noah replied, turning around watching him anxiously.
"Well, you are one of my patients Noah. And you are my responsibility! I need to come with you, so I can figure out what's wrong. I'd never forgive myself if you set out on that delivery and got injured in the process. Never!" The doc tor said, staring at Noah pleadingly. Noah sighed and turned back around towards the door; he closed his eyes and looked to the ground.
"Fine."  He said, before trotting out. The doctor smiled and continued to gather his possessions.  Noah left the clinic and looked up to the sky, sighing and shaking his head. The black Pegasus he had seen earlier approached him again. Noah looked to him, emptying his hood full of rainwater whilst he was at it.
"Noah… Right?" The Pegasus asked before he had reached Noah. Noah nodded innocently. The Pegasus nodded.
"Well, I'm Scribe. Pleased to meet you." He replied, giving a little bow down to Noah, opening his wings out and lifting his front hoof. Noah smiled a little and looked away shyly.
"Hello… I should really be off though." Noah sighed. He began trotting through the wet and muddy ground. Luckily the rain had stopped, but thunder still rumbled in the distance. The black Pegasus tilted his head and watched Noah as he left; he shrugged and went back inside to assist the doctor.
On his way back to his cottage, Noah stopped in the centre of Ponyville. He looked up to the sky again, hearing weird call-outs of his name. He didn't know what to make of it, and so continued adventuring his way through the town. Suddenly, a scream was heard. Noah jumped. He turned to the direction of the scream a little stunned and began galloping his way towards it.
The scream came from a small outhouse. But there was nopony there. The other ponies around the area stared at Noah shocked as to why he was galloping towards it. A group of mares giggling at him. Noah turned red and smirked at them, and then quickly left the area a little embarrassed. He shook his head and facehoofed once he made it in the clear. What was going on?
First chapter of my new story, hope you enjoy! More OC's will be introduced in each chapter! Lot's more is to come. I want to try and devote a whole chapter on each and every OC that will be included, so sort of like a bunch of short stories, but it will all link up soon.

Chapter 2: [TBA]

Noah and Java Claw belong to :iconnoah-x3: (Me)
The Doctor belongs to :icondogezon:
Scribe belongs to :iconblooperman12:
The arguing pony belongs to :icontheroboemu:

Proof read by *unitoone, *Dogezon and *blooperman12
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