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Art - Best

Pinkie Keen by Noah-x3Gamer Lare by Noah-x3
Laughter And Kindness by Noah-x3Apple Cider Season by Noah-x3
This Isn't Right by Noah-x3Kindness by Noah-x3

Celestia And Discord by Noah-x3Wear it Applejack Style! by Noah-x3
Derpy's Trading Adventure by Noah-x3Pinkie And Maud Pie by Noah-x3
Bad Timing by Noah-x3Together in Equestria Dreams 2013 by Noah-x3
Great Day To Be A Unicorn by Noah-x3Competition by Noah-x3
Princess Of The Night by Noah-x3Flutterspicious by Noah-x3
Noah's Place In Ponyville by Noah-x3Pinkie's Day Well Done by Noah-x3
Park by Noah-x3Hatsune Derpy Hooves by Noah-x3
Celebration by Noah-x3Scootaloo's Hero by Noah-x3
Muffin by Noah-x3Inspection by Noah-x3

Before you make art, how do you come along with the idea? 

23 deviants said I think what I should draw before starting
17 deviants said I make it up as I go along
6 deviants said I look at my To-Do or commissions list
6 deviants said //Comments

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:iconspottybadger: - Little Sister


Hi! I draw Friendship is Magic showstyle artwork, and sometimes Japanese vocaloid. I have three OCs, Noah, Serene and Neon Flare. My aim is to improve my art as best and show-accurate as possible and have fun all the way through. I have been a part of the DeviantArt Brony community for almost 3 years and over that time I have met hundreds of people and befriended many. Feel free to check out my gallery. C:

ADD ME on Twitter for art sneak peeks & Life updates -

Personal Achievements:

- Over 183,000 total art views - Aug. 2014
- Followed by Michelle Creber (Voice of Applebloom)
- 'Flutterspicious' viewed by Andrea Libman (Voice of Pinkie/Fluttershy)
- 'Pinkie Pie & The Magic Apple', 'Scootaloo's Inability' featured on Equestria Daily

Important Information:

- I do not accept requests
- Art Trades are open to Friends only
- For collaborations or projects, please note me
- If you see someone impersonating or using my OCs without permission, please tell me.

Noah Stamp by ThatPonyUknowFluttershy Yay Stamp by moonprincesslunaNoah-x3 Stamp by Noah-x3
Friendship IS Magic by MistrallaBROHOOF by azianwolfdollBritish Stamp by tRiBaLmArKiNgS
Project Diva:  Transformation by azianwolfdollAwww Look He Likes You by azianwolfdollMLP: Fluttershy stamp by Janbearpig



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